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Walk with the Dead

Goodbye, goodbye

I wake up.

Immediately I’m aware, as always, that this may be my last day on earth.

Goodbye, Blitz.

Shaddup, fool Devil!

Allowing myself some fascination in the blushing red candle that flickers like a fantasy on the bedside table, I roughly realize that the rouge color runs along the wood of the table and finally to the floor. The color continues throughout the ship. A living ship that offers whatever opulence its denizens may desire.

Goodbye, Red, my favorite color.

It’s not a morbid moderation to realize and redeem a finality with each thing you encounter. It’s merely an exuberance to each experience. To be fearless in your feelings means your never miss an opportunity for love or hate.

Goodbye, heart.

I sit down to a fruity feast with the fine figure of the female fiend who brought me in as a fledgling. The food is fresh and I allow myself some fancy in the flash of infinity.

Goodbye, flavor.

We alight on our destination, the ghostly Gilead. I’m invited to step out of the ship, and moderate my manipulation of the miasma. Pain.

I never say goodbye to pain. I know pain leads me from this world; pain will be the last herald of my life. It will be pain bidding me farewell.

My contract companion counsels me to tap into my devilish stock and spines sprout from my skin.

Hello, natural armor.

We park in the castle courtyard, Forechance. It seems a fitting frontier for my final fray. As we make our way into the castle, two gluttonous devils impede our approach. They were servants of the Lord of Open and Shut and they brought us to battle.

Goodbye, Gate Guards.

We enter the castle and I call out a cacophonic cackle. Behind the gate, is my old boss, Simon.

Hello, again.

I, Blitz, who sees almost all and knows mostly everything will share the connection of the story that I have with the rest of Ghosts, second rate characters to the true hero.

I see the Jocasta, whose leader is disturbed with the effects of wine. She falls into the water as she attempts to disembark.

I see the Unvanquished, rolling out from the ship, and into Zebulon, the small city near Gilead. The mourners mourn their fallen Linus. The ghostly Ghost enters the 3 Toed Claw and frightened the establishment; all but Elora Delcroft. Now she might be fit to carry me when Mr. Quick and I part.

Goodbye, Blitz.

Shaddup, fool Devil!

_ I see that Delcroft tells them of Simon’s arrival and departure only a few days before. The Ghosts depart Zebulon and find Simon’s horse near a stream. After a short strategy, they take a breath and roll into the miasma. Quintus chooses this time to reveal why Simon is heading here; he wanted to return to the home of his lost love. Lost. Love._

Aren’t we all?

Two terrific days of tearing ass; and I’m working for the boss again. It’s like a made the right choice or something.

Goodbye. Common Sense.

I’ve been promoted to lieutenant under Simon, and my duties are to request reinforcements. Into The Temple of the Nameless I trudge again – how many times have I done this?

Goodbye, Temporal Memory.

The temple is shitted on by evil assholes. I see three things before I have to head back to work: the contract devil speaks with a robed stranger, a giant metal circle with infernal written on it, and a human male hanging within it – a man of the Iron Legion.

Fairchild, the King of Glass introduced himself to me, and reveals me to Izus Browncloak, somehow an important key for the devils into Aurfuro. Fairchild seems to trust me and shares with me his potent plan.

Goodbye, Lucky Charm.

It’s here and now that our devil enemy makes a charge for the castle again, this time doubly so.

I see The Unvanquished debates strategies for a moment and all decide to head into the castle. They discover it in the midst of battle.

The battle ensues, and the Ghosts jump in to assist, but the apostate devil attacks them. Simon gives the order to stand down. The Ghosts and the Devils talk, catching up on old times.

The Ghosts catch on in the conversation and see that Simon’s personality has shifted somewhat. Tetch uses his paladin powers to perform a personality heal.

Simon says, “Run.”

Then he turns into a devil. He turns to me and gives me my last order.

Goodbye, Boss.

I fight him hard, as the Ghosts flee. Stall him.

Goodbye, Ghosts.

His weapons shatters against Blitz, a chip chunking off and flying into my flesh. We fight harder. Blitz and me.

Me and Quick.

In the distance, I see Fairchild strip off his skin like a cloak. He gives Izus an order and the Browncloak uses his golden power to open the portal voluntarily.

That’s when Simon shatters Blitz with his blade, the pieces bury into me with such force that I almost fall to the ground.

Will he really kill me? He raises his weapon into the air and drives it down into my chest.

Goodbye, Simon.

I grab hold of the shaft and yank it as a yell as hard as I’m able, his hair trembles as chuckle.

My nails have grown to the size of short swords and I drive them towards his eyes. My own orbits grown dark and dim, and I fall into darkness.

Finally, darkness.

Goodbye, Mr. Quick.


Goodbye, Mr. Quick, indeed. Nicely done, Jeremy, and sounds like a nice wrap-up for the Ghosts, a group dogged by failure and tragedy.

Walk with the Dead

Jeremy, you’ve really captured my own sadness at saying goodbye to these characters. Beautifully done.

Walk with the Dead

This is superior.

Walk with the Dead

My foolish brother, so wasteful with his pawns.

Walk with the Dead

Frickin’ phenomenal… Well done!

Walk with the Dead

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