Sea Elf Druid


“You don’t need a demon to posses you; you’re terrible already.” -DM


How does your protagonist feel about grunge boots? Functional, and therefore good. She believes that rather than adding fake accouterments such as metal spikes or studs, these young ruffians should be adding spells. Kids today.

Puccini? Music is a little different when played underwater

Porcini mushrooms? She’s never eaten them, but after eating Mobius’s cooking she’s not too keen on mushrooms.

Hegel’s idea of a civil society? Creatures don’t need nearly as much as they think they need. She believes everyone has the right to be left alone if they leave her alone.

The future of aviation? The future of our ship is that we better find a floatstone before we fall out of the damn sky.

Texting while walking? She doesn’t know what that means.

How does your protagonist like least about her best friend? She can never just let things alone, especially Echo.

Who’s his secret enemy, and why? Echo’s no longer sure. For a long time it was Izus, but it’s hard to consider someone a villain when they convince you to save a little girl. Villains aren’t even supposed to know any little girls.

Where’s the best place to think things over? Away from family and society. She had a place back home—a cave hidden by a coral reef, but she had to leave that behind, along with everything else.

When does the breaking point come and how close is it right now? She’s never been cooped up with stupid strangers for so long. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Why is love so difficult? It’s not. Creatures are difficult, except for Crackers!

What does she think are her chances of success? That depends on what we’re talking about. She always thinks her chances are great.

What’s his basic take on authority figures? Fuck em.

Who, in her opinion, needs help more than anyone else? Right now? Fin.


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