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Currently Onboard

Carbunkle , self-styled Captain of the Lodestar, a gnome on the verge of greatness, but at a cost, and his lady eidolon Lucina
The Vagabonder , mad genius half-orc engineer
Agnar Thunorson , barbarian of the North, discovering a great destiny
Echo , a sea elf runaway leaving everything behind her
Crackers , the ship mascot
Fin , a dwarven outcast, marked for his unspeakable crimes
Haskeer , a holy warrior seeking to prove himself
Corben Al-Zahid , his jack-of-all-trades companion
Martin Wise , an aged ranger in search for one last adventure
Dayjen, a young wizard
Blinky, an evil monkey
and Alastelle, the witch-heir to the throne of Cai the Sorceror-King

Former Crew and Passengers

Elora Delcroft , emancipated bard and fortune teller
-Got off the ship in Valeria after the crew freed her from bondage

Mobius , a fourth-generation halfling thief
-Parted ways with the crew at Quorum, now in the service of Izus Torossian

Bramble Tanner, a cleric of good trying to guide Agnar’s journey
-Murdered by the Blackwings in Pice

Talitha , a young girl
-Kidnapped by the Seafoam Trading Company, currently held in Altus

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