Order of the Rose

Rose and shield

Known members:

Sir Bartumus — Haskeer’s ‘uncle’
Sir Gideon Key — formerly a Ghost of Gilead, a Follower of the Crooked Path
Father Vorhees
Sir Rezec
Sir Falthus — expert animal handler
Sir Grier (Haskeer’s father) — deceased
Sir Belious — Healer
Sir Danley — words of wisdom ‘Always bring a friend along, so there’s someone to bury your corpse.’
Sir Haskeer — a paladin of Paladine

Sir Barry Tobash
Lady Seaflower

[Will add more members and more details as we invent them in game]

The Order houses it’s main headquarters in Carroway, but many newer members span the globe, usually in pairs. Not so for Sir Haskeer as the others preferred to partner with non-orc-bloodeds. Corben Al-Hazir stood in for a partner and the young knight was sent on his way for quests and duty.

The first path is usually to train under a true knight with the Order.
The second path is to be stationed in a city with a partner and to protect and serve the innocent until such time as they are called back to the fold.
The third path is to train again to become a true knight.
The fourth path is to wander in search of quests.
The fifth path is to wander with the Order.

The main enclave will quest for a time during the year, returning after a quest to maintain and reassign the stronghold, The Hold of the Rose.

One of the artifacts held in the fortress, is The Rose Herald.

Order of the Rose

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