The Lodestar


The Lodestar

The airship Lodestar is a small cruiser, not much over 100-150 feet in length, but unlike any other… The hull is mainly constructed of wood, but stone railings are interspersed, each deeply carved with strange runes. There are signs of age, cracking, and wear — the wheelhouse still shows a hastily patched wall. It seems immediately different from other airships — it seems to float without effort. Other ships, especially those powered by steam or machinery have to touch down when they land, to save on fuel. Even ships powered by arcane means, tend to wobble slightly when hovering — not this craft, it is as steady as a fly in amber. The two main masts retract into the deck, at a casual button-press.

Below Decks

The stairway terminates in a wood paneled hallway. The right side of the hallway has two doors, the left side has three. At the far end of the hallway is a recessed doorway leading downwards marked with a strange yellow symbol. Each of the doors has a symbol. The two doors on the right have a crude symbol of a Sun and Moon, respectively. Each of the other three doors has a circle painted on, Red, Blue and Green.

Sun Room
Captain’s Quarters
Occupant: Carbunkle, Blinky
Former Occupant: Talitha
A desk is bolted to one wall, with a bed and large chest bolted to the other. The bed is covered in warm and comfortable bedding. By the window is a few blankets and pillow on which Carbunkle sleeps. The chest contains a silver handheld mirror, extra bolts, a few changes of clothing, and a broken axe. The desk contains various papers, writing instruments, Slade’s journal, and books. The walls are decorated with numerous drawings. Some are vaguely animal shaped, some are portraits of what is probably a little girl and an assortment of men, blue ladies, giants, and a dog. ‘Talitha’ is proudly signed in the bottom of each.

Moon Room
Occupant: Echo, Crackers, and Alice
The debris and sand has been cleared away, leaving a serviceable stateroom. The bed has seen rudimentary repairs, but a gaping hole still remains in the hull.

Red Circle
Crew Quarters.
Occupants: Corben and Fin
On the right side of the room: an immaculate and bare space where Fin meditates. Some netting and coiled rope, left behind by previous occupants, still hang on the wall. On the left side of the room, two bunks bolted to the wall: the top bunk has been transformed into storage for Corben’s extensive collection of gear and keepsakes. A masterwork tools kit, a must for an adventurer with his skill set. Assorted herbs and spices he’d picked up on the road. A small stack of books, including the old journal of the late Sir Dinadan. A carefully wrapped bundle of acid-filled vials, perfect for melting locks or an attacker’s face in a pinch. A bag of marbles. Other odds and ends. Corben sleeps on the bottom bunk, his chakrams slung over the bed post close at hand. On the wall is a small framed picture, held up with adhesive putty.

Blue Circle
Crew Quarters.
Occupant: Agnar
Former Occupant: Mobius
Two bunks bolted to one wall, equally as rotted. Two barrels are lashed to the ceiling. You find a rusty dagger jabbed into the bedpost.

Too tall for beds built to the slight frames of South Continent men, Agnar has placed an empty wooden crate at the base of his bunk to accommodate his feet where they overhang. The bunk itself is dressed with an aged fur that looks as if it once belonged to a very large wolf. Propped against the wall near his straw pillow is a weapons rack crudely fashioned from scrap lumber. Next to the bunk sits Agnar’s canvas back-satchel. It remains fully packed and ready at all times, a remnant practice from his days as captain of the Northlord Outriders.

Green Circle
Occupant: None
Former Occupant: Bramble
Inside you find a small room, that seems to have belonged to some sort of scholar. There is a shelf of books and scrolls, covered with dust and rot. There is a well crafted wooden chair leaning against a writing desk. A bunk, similar to the others on this floor is bolted to the other side. Above the desk, in a glass frame is the Precursor map of the globe, recovered from Fangdale, with Slade’s own handwritten notes.

Gold Star
Cargo Bay
Home of the Floatstone Engine, Galley, Tool Shed, and Storage.
Occupants: The Vagabonder, Haskeer, Dayjen, Martin
In the portside corner, Haskeer has fashioned a comfortable bunk from scrap wood. A large crate has been overturned and used as a makeshift desk. A few shelves, also made from the scraps around the tool shed, display a few odds and ends from Haskeer’s personal collection.

Dayjen’s portion of the room is a squallor of rumpled bedsheets and crumpled scrolls.

Blue Teardrop
Shower and Toilet Facilities
Occupants: Vary
Through the wooden doorway at the base of the cargo bay stairs, the facilities are plain, a simple water system operating the three showers and other facilities. The floor is tiled.

Ship Functionality

Currently operating at Level FOUR

Level Zero
Ship cannot float, internal systems are inoperable. Ship is dead.
Level One
Floatstone is active. Ship can float, but has no other means of direction or repulsion. Crew must rely on sails for movement. Internal Systems inoperable. Floatstone Engine is locked in output mode, and will slowly degrade.
Level Two
Floatstone degradation is minimized, as long as the ship is not in flight and no internal systems are used.
Level Three
Internal systems active: propulsion, guidance, etc. Floatstone degradation only occurs while in flight, and is minimized — especially while using sails.
Level Four
The Floatstone has been properly aligned and installed. With proper maintenance, degradation has been reduced to virtually zero. The Lodestar can go at greater speeds, and its maneuverability is beyond match. The internal lighting system is now permanently operable, and is a great deal brighter. The proper energy output also seems to have reinforced the hull somewhat, providing a basic defense against barrage. Some other systems within the ship have begun to flicker and hum…
Level Five

The Vagabonder’s Shopping List – Materials needed to effect repairs on the ship, its engine, and facilities.

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The Lodestar

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