World Timeline


A rough collection of dates, much of it assembled through research and adventuring.

World Calendar – Rough Draft

-9385 – The Death of Valeria

-1564 – End of the Precursor Civilization

Dark Ages

0 – Vardeman Accords. First Age begins.

54 – The discovery of Altus

89 – First settlers arrive on Falun’s Arc.

152 – The last Dynasty of the God-Kings falls, and an immortal Hazaari becomes the ruler of the Isle of Fire.

412 – Fall of Dwarven Kingdom of Styria. Second Age begins.

731 – The first cases of Grey Veil disease as the Ash Plague spreads across the world.

750 – In the wake of the devastation of the Ash Plague, orc hordes from Malgor overrun the northern coast of Tel and other hard-hit population centers.

approx 860 – Alliances against the orcs finally manage to drive the invaders out of northern Tel.
915 – The Order of the Rose, the Dragon Knights, and the Iron Legions of Gilead lead a holy crusade from the West against the jinn and heathens of Al-Hazaar.
1006 – Airship travel is first developed.
1010 – Jaiden Moore is born.
1011 – Cai is born.
1012 – Sir Peraira Darkwolf takes command of the Iron Legion of Gilead in their crusade against the Hazaaari.
1019 – The Flenelle Renaissance
1020 – The 100 Year Crusade ends with the Time of Humility: the western armies are forced into retreat, abandoning Al-Hazaar.
1029 – Darkwolf is relieved of his command and expelled from the Iron Legion.
- Jaiden Moore’s expedition to the Mysterious Continent of Altus returns.
1032 – Sir Alain of Gilead steps on board The Filthy Whore, an “honorable” sky pirate ship.
1033 – Agros the Flying Island disappears. The Scepter of Domination is found by Korthan Zul. Dragoon War begins.
- Slade Barakson begins captaining The Filthier Whore.
1034 – End of the Dragoon War. Battle of Serpent Keep. Death of Korthan Zul. Destruction of Scepter of Domination.
1038 – Dinadan of Caleron dies in Fangdale battling a golden dragon.
1041 – Flaubert I becomes King of Flenelle.
1045 – The Filthier Whore crashes in Caleron.
1089 – Slade crashes the Lodestar into the Devil’s Anvil, while rescuing Alain of Gilead.
1095 – Living under the alias “Slap Akson,” Slade dies in Starmhill.
1123 – “Fin” is born.
1148 – The Battle of Starfall
1155 – Agnar is born.
1158 – Corben is born in the back of his mother’s wagon as they follow Gilead’s Iron legion.
1160 – Haskeer is born.
1161 – Mobius is born.
1162 – Echo is born.
1167 – Linus imprisoned in Iax.
1170 – The Fall of Gilead. The last legion, posted in Carroway to help oppose Ospiran encroachment, rename themselves the Ghosts of Gilead.
1175 – Corben (age 16) becomes as full-fledged member of the Ghosts of Gilead.
1176 – Internal conflict tears the Ghosts of Gilead apart.
1177 – Carbunkle’s wife dies.
1179 – Corben and Haskeer briefly hunt treasure for the Seafoam Trading Company, locating the remains of Sir Dinedan of Caleron and an ancient map.
- Corben and Haskeer encounter the wood elf Oak in Marwood.
- Corben and Haskeer adventure in Jacradam.
– Carbunkle, Echo, Fin and Mobius escape from the Devil’s Anvil.
- Pilots the damaged Lodestar to Falcon’s Hollow.
- Rescued the lost children in Droskar’s Crucible, with the aid of Agnar.
- Accepted job from Izus Torrossian, to investigate reports of a werewolf in Valeria.
- Flew to Flenelle, to repair the ship.
- Recruited The Vagabonder, to oversee repairs.
- Carbunkle participates in dark ritual and becomes member of The Third Eye.
- Library burns.
- Took job from Lord Barris Korvale, to retrieve a lost artifact from crimelord.
- Recruited Martin Wise, for history with Nyver.
- Took job from crimelord, Nyver Moonbeam, to make a delivery to the Airship Graveyard.
- Cleansed Airship Graveyard of undead, and defeated Amalgam Dragon, Crucible.
- Killed Nyver Moonbeam.
- Deactivated Vault of Flaubert I, at behest of Kirk Bitterbark.
- Agnar recruits Bramble, a cleric of Sarenrae.
- Repaired Lodestar departs for Valeria.
- Crew investigates a murder on board the passenger ship, Polaris.
- Helped Darm Rookwood with the werewolves in his basement.
- Rescued Talitha, at behest of Izus Torrossian.
- Fin duels Taalmaar-Tanz.
- Attack by The Red Rabbit, a sky pirate ship.
- Lodestar pursues, encounter with a Sky Wyrm.
- Ship parked for repairs on an unknown island in the Borsian Gulf.
- Lodestar crew meet Corben and Haskeer in Quorum, following an ambush by a Nasira’Dar
- Quorum is threatened by demon attack. Crew defeats Ziria, Nai-Elf Druid and turns him over to the custody of the Copper Garrison.
- Echo frees Ziria.
- Agnar has sex.
- Corben and Haskeer join the crew. Carbunkle interprets Slade’s Map and locates the Floatstone Cache in Eridia.
- Lodestar departs for Eridia.
- Lodestar arrives Starmhill.
- Crew discovers unused Floatstone in Slade’s Cache.
- Defeats Snowbite, befriends Brightflame Goblin Tribe.
- Crew makes pact with Seafoam Trading Company. STC flagship, Riptide departs Starmhill.
- Shadows attack Riptide. Crew escapes with assistance of Seafoam wizards, Winter and Dayjen.
- Teleportation Ritual goes awry, crew stranded in pocket dimension at ruins of Acacian Dragoon School.
- Echo and Winter leave ship, and head for Bard’s Gate. Rest of Crew departs for Valeria, to learn the fate of the ranger, Martin.
- Echo infiltrates Seafoam Trading Company headquarters.
- Lodestar crew assists Martin track down a serial killer, The Elegant.
- Audience with the Grand Wizard of Valeria.

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World Timeline

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